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The Magic Padlock

for the professional illusionist

Effect : You hand your viewers a lock with six keys. From that moment on, you do not touch the lock again. Then ask the spectators to check which of the six keys unlocks the lock. The spectators check all keys and none of the six keys open the lock. Why because you kept the right key. You now hand this key to a spectator. He tries it and - indeed - this key (the 7th!) unlocks the lock. Now put (for example) a borrowed ring on the lock and then close the lock. Possibly even put the lock on the buttonhole of a spectator's jacket. - The keys are now jumbled vigorously until no one can tell which is the correct key. - You now pretend that you - only with the power of your will - can influence the viewers' choice for a key. You can then have them to discard 6 keys and the last key will open the lock. Ideal for many routines that require a mental lock, such as "7th Key" etc. With "Ians lock " you are holding one of the most convincing locks of this kind in your hands. It is perfect for various lock & key effects. It looks completely normal, because it is a commercial lock. It works in the hands of the spectator. It can be quickly reset for your next performance

Lock type is ABUS

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