Peachtree door repair. Most Won't... WE WILL!

We get several calls each day from people all over the U.S. asking for advice on what could be wrong with their Peachtree doors and what it would take to have us fix them. Most locksmiths are scared to touch a Peachtree door, SADLY the majority that are willing to "give it a try" DO NOT understand how these doors were manufactured and end up wasting YOUR time and money. WE are one of the FEW locksmiths that took the time to tour the Peachtree factory before they closed. WE UNDERSTAND how these doors were built, and understand how they work. PROPERLY replacing the locking system on a Peachtree door is NOT a simple process, but we are ALWAYS happy to help you.

 Peachtree Door & Window never manufactured their own Multi-Point Lock Hardware. Over the years they used 3 different manufacturers to source their locks.

Prior to 2002 Peachtree used the IPD (insulated patio door) Citidel Multipoint Lock with Concealed rods.

After 2002 Peachtree used HOPPE Multipoint Locks These locks had a faceplate that ran the entire length of door panel.

The third lock was made by Ashland and used only for a few years, this lock also had concealed rods

Peachtree Citadel doors

We ARE the NATIONS best solution to repair Peachtree doors, and replace Peachtree hardware!

Many clients have flown us to them because "the local guys were unable to repair these doors". 

CALL US TODAY at 615-672-8888 to get a quote and reserve your spot on the list.

You WILL be asked to send us a few pictures of your doors. PLEASE send several good quality pictures of your doors to If you can't take the time to send us a few good pictures of your doors we will not be able to help you.

(our Peachtree team is generally booked 10 to 18 days out)


These are 3 of our most popular aftermarket replacement lever sets.

Here are a few pics from some of our Peachtree projects. The thing many of these projects have in common is that most of the homeowners already paid several locksmiths to come out and look at the doors. The fact that most locksmiths are unable to repair these doors has had many homeowners considering replacing the doors before they found us. 

We want you to know WE CAN HELP YOU! Although the cost of travel and lodging increases the investment, we have found that is still far less than trying to replace the custom sized peachtree doors. 

Over the years the best source we have found for replacement Peachtree Parts is PWD Services. PWD Service is the factory licensed source for Peachtree and Crestline product replacement parts. PWD is the company WE buy our Peachtree parts from.  Although we DO NOT recommend that you attempt to replace these parts yourself, we will GLADLY install parts that came from PWD.