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Learn a professional trade, learn LOCKSMITHING.

Locksmithing is one of the worlds oldest professions, it's basically recession-proof. You can work from home, and make as much as you want (depending on how motivated you are). Are you mechanically inclined? Can you think outside the box? Do you like people? Can you remain calm when things are falling apart. You MIGHT make a good locksmith

It's not always a clean profession, it's not always a fun profession, but there will always be a need for a locksmith.  Over the years locksmithing has became an old mans occupation, that's changing. More and More people are turning to the internet for education, this has pushed out one of the nations oldest locksmith training programs. The Foley Bellsaw locksmithing program was shut down in 2017.

Having grown up in a family locksmith business Jayson Wolbert has over 30 years experience. From working as a locksmith to building and growing a wildly successful locksmith company, to teaching, mentoring, and coaching newer locksmiths  Jayson has became one of the industry's leading locksmiths. After helping a few people start their own successful locksmith companies Jayson decided to start a locksmithing school like none other. With the help of a few other well known and respected locksmiths Jayson has started the Locksmith School of America.

Learn more about The Locksmith School of America, please visit  and fill out the form.
To better serve each individual student we have drastically reduced the number of students we will be working with in 2023 so be sure to fill out the form these spots will fill fast.
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