Get that old safe serviced, before it kills ya!

Things might have been different if Jack Daniel’s had a Locksmith service his old safe!

Most mornings, Jack’s nephew, Lem Motlow, arrived at the Distillery office before Jack and began the day by opening the safe. On one particular morning in 1906, Jack arrived early and tried to open the safe. He dialed the combination, but the door wouldn’t open. He started over and ran the combination again, this time a bit more carefully. Again, it didn’t open.

Jack being impatient was getting pretty mad. He tried the combination again, but the safe door wouldn’t budge. Like many of us probably would, he hauled off and kicked the old safe! Sadly Jack kicked the safe so hard it broke his big toe. I know... This seems like a minor injury, one might even laugh.  Although at the time the the pain may have dulled his anger, the injury turned out to be far more serious than it seemed. His toe became so infected that Jack lost his foot. Even after having his foot amputated, the infection spread up his leg. Over the next five years, Jack had several operations and eventually lost his entire left leg. Sadly the infection remained and Jack eventually lost his life.

Hopefully you have a better temper than old Jack, BUT... just in case we would be happy to install an electronic safe lock. Knowing what we all know now, I guess you could say it might even save your life. 

All joking aside we are licensed by the great State of Tennessee as Safe Technicians. We are always willing to help a client out with an old safe. One rule of thumb, if your safe is getting hard to open IT WILL NOT GET BETTER ON ITS OWN.  Sticking a little, ALWAYS turns into sticking a lot, and that always turns into STUCK! 

Time will turn a warning sign into a $500.00 hot mess. 

We have been known to buy OLD safes, or take them in on trade. Please keep in mind a safe without a combination is a boat anchor. 

Empire Lock & Alarm is fully licensed by the State of Tennessee as a Locksmith company TN LS #000355    © 2023 Empire Lock & Alarm created by

We are ALWAYS happy to assist in an emergency BUT we have noticed companies taking advantage of this. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REQUEST ANY PAPERWORK NEEDED BY YOUR COMPANY  PRIOR TO REQUESTING SERVICES. Our W9 is listed for your convenience. If you call and request a copy of our COI, or to be added as additionaly insured AFTER services have been rendered, YOU will be billed a one time $150.00 fee to set you up as a client.  THIS is NON NEGOTIABLE, 

Emergency or Same Day service is available for commercial clients.

Our minimum rate for this service is $125.00 trip & $125.00​ for up to 1 hour of labor.

PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE RENDERED unless prior arrangements have been made. Cancellation after our technician is dispatched. 

We charge a "trip charge" for each location we travel to, this covers our technicians travel time and gas. Once a technician is dispatched to your location YOU  have control over the disposition of these services, as sending a technician to you prevents us from sending that technician to others at that time. The service call must be paid in full at the time this service is rendered.  If you choose not to pay for this service after it has been provided we will be required to file charges for theft of services.  2017 Tennessee Code  Title 39 - Criminal Offenses Chapter 14 - Offenses Against Property Part 1 - Theft  § 39-14-104. Theft of services.

Universal Citation: TN Code § 39-14-104 (2017)

  • (a) A person commits theft of services who:

    • (1) Intentionally obtains services by deception, fraud, coercion, forgery, false statement, false pretense or any other means to avoid payment for the services;

    • (2) Having control over the disposition of services to others, knowingly diverts those services to the person's own benefit or to the benefit of another not entitled thereto; or

    • (3) Knowingly absconds from establishments where compensation for services is ordinarily paid immediately upon the rendering of them, including, but not limited to, hotels, motels and restaurants, without payment or a bona fide offer to pay.

  • (b) Any individual directly or indirectly harmed by a violation of subsection (a) shall have legal standing to report such violations to law enforcement and testify in support of corresponding criminal charges.