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Get that old safe serviced, before it kills ya!

Things might have been different if Jack Daniel’s had known a good Locksmith!

Most mornings, Jack’s nephew, Lem Motlow, arrived at the Distillery office before Jack and began the day by opening the safe. On one particular morning in 1906, Jack arrived early and tried to open the safe. He dialed the combination, but the door wouldn’t open. He started over and ran the combination again, this time a bit more carefully. Again, it didn’t open.

Jack being impatient was getting pretty mad. He tried the combination again, but the safe door wouldn’t budge. Like many of us probably would, he hauled off and kicked the old safe! Sadly Jack kicked the safe so hard it broke his big toe. I know... This seems like a minor injury, one might even laugh.  Although at the time the the pain may have dulled his anger, the injury turned out to be far more serious than it seemed. His toe became so infected that Jack lost his foot. Even after having his foot amputated, the infection spread up his leg. Over the next five years, Jack had several operations and eventually lost his entire left leg. Sadly the infection remained and Jack eventually lost his life.

Hopefully you have a better temper than old Jack, BUT... just in case we would be happy to install an electronic safe lock. Knowing what we all know now, I guess you could say it might even save your life. 

All joking aside we are licensed by the great State of Tennessee as Safe Technicians. We are always willing to help a client out with an old safe. One rule of thumb, if your safe is getting hard to open IT WILL NOT GET BETTER ON ITS OWN.  Sticking a little, ALWAYS turns into sticking a lot, and that always turns into STUCK! 

Time will turn a warning sign into a $500.00 hot mess. 

We have been known to buy OLD safes, or take them in on trade. Please keep in mind a safe without a combination is a boat anchor. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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