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Why would an airbnb need a locksmith?

Sure EMERGENCIES happen... but it's more than that, we try to help you avoid them. 

You could easily buy a lock from any of the big box retailers, or from a thousand different web sites! What makes us different? WE KNOW WHAT LOCKS WORK, and which ones are total JUNK. 
A little known fact, many lock manafacturers substitute metal parts with plastic parts in locks sold to the big box stores. We have been told by the vice president of a MAJOR lock manafacturer that they are required to do this to meet a price point.

Here is why YOU need a better lock.

Pushbutton, touch screen, and smart locks basically allow you to give a renter a code. Some smart locks can even allow you to lock / unlock your door using an app, eliminating the need for a key. Some will even allow you to monitor which users are accessing the property and at what time. These locks are convenient for service workers or guests when your not home.

But for an airbnb owner there’s more. Smart locks also make trips less stressful for both hosts and guests. This is because 3 out of 4 guests worry they will lose their key and 6 out of 10 worry they will forget to lock up. Those 2 problems are the most common concerns owners have.


More convenient locks enable smoother trips and can drastically increase the level of security. This will undoubtedly lead to more reservations.


This (tax deductible) investment is better for you as an owner and better for your guests, so what are you waiting for?

Our best choice for:

One of the best reasons to buy from us is our AWESOME support. Most people can install a lock, it's not rocket science! But Programming some of these electronic locks can be tricky. We will GLADLY program the lock for you before we ship it. 

Success! Message received.

Sure these locks increase the level of security, and are more convenient, but here are a few HUGE problems these locks prevent.


  1. Guests that get locked out may complain or ask for a discount.

  2. If a guest forgets to lock your home, you may loose your cool stuff.

  3. Most locksmiths will charge $125 - $200 to let you in your home.

  4. Most locksmiths will NOT let a guest into your home, as they require a valid form of ID and proof of ownership.

  5. What if the locksmith you found on Google is a scam company? See video below

Don't let this happen to you or your guests.

Store our number in case you ever need a locksmith.


Don't let this happen to you or your guests.

Store our number in case you ever need a locksmith.


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